Our Mission is to Inspire & Apprentice the Church’s missional spirit one leader, one church, & one organization at a time.

Getting It Done Through

Thought Leadership via speaking, writing, think tanks, and academic involvement that captures the missional imagination of leaders.

Apprenticing Environments where we walk along side, train, and coach leaders who are innovating missional church or renovating existing churches.

Missio Hubs which are city-wide servant networks that bridge the gap between a leader’s desire to change the church and the resources necessary to do it.

Resource Development geared at creating self-guided tools for missional living and missional leadership from the highest level movement leader to grassroots soccer mom.

Transformation Systems that serve organizations desiring to engage missional & incarnational practices as a movement.

Local Church Initiatives which serve as the missional lab that encourages innovation and the continual call of sending.

Network Partnerships that link like-minded, kingdom focused entities together so that all the barriers to church innovation and renovation get removed.