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The MCAP is for the church planter. We’ve taken the steps you are about to take, or are taking, and have developed the training and resources to help you stay focused and confident in your calling. Your training starts with what we call MCAP.

Missional Community Apprenticeship Practicum – MCAP

Our practitioner based, online, Missional Community Apprenticeship Practicum is for Church Planters and Small Group Pastors. Designed to facilitate and develop on-the-ground missional leaders that are pioneering new communities, the MCAP guides leaders within existing churches form their pilot communities and church planters develop their initial core group. Focus of the MCAP is on building a balanced core of missional people and sojourners. The MCAP is a 6 month process that takes leaders through focused training, guided coaching, and practical engagement of The Tangible Kingdom Primer – all designed around strategic Leadership Development Milestones.

Benefits to Participants

Leveraging virtual training and coaching that multiplies the learning, leverages the participants time and energy while reducing travel costs.

Just-in-Time training and resourcing for incarnational community leaders as the need and context demands. Provides opportunity to develop leaders while they remain in their local context and engaged in the process of forming incarnational community.

Through the apprenticeship process, leaders will be exposed to a wide variety of ministry contexts. Lessons learned from all involved will be captured and help strengthen the process through continual learning and retooling.

Coaching that utilizes Converge as a tool to track progress, set goals, and measure outcomes.