7 Key Characteristics of the Church

The seven key characteristics of the Church are:

Everyone can be saved – The Methodist church believes that everyone can be saved and no-one is beyond God’s love. Salvation can be achieved by all of those who have rested their faith on God. Forgiveness and Liberation are essential to resist evil and live life to the fullest. The Church believes that when Jesus was crucified, he ended all evils with himself, leaving casino house only the good for people.


Assurance of God’s love – Love from God is assured to even those people who are unsure of their faith, harbour feelings of guilt and doubts in them as God does not love a chosen few people. His love is bestowed on everyone equally.

Living a holy life – The Church believes that in the pursuit of receiving God’s love, one lives a religious life and shows the love to other people. However, the Church does believe that a holy life cannot be lived alone. John Wesley believed and preached the importance of ‘social holiness’ where a community with similar faith comes together and lives a holy life. Roots of Christianity become deeper when people pray as a community.

Thanking God – The Church holds an annual Covenant Service, where people come together to celebrate and be grateful to God for everything he does for people. People affirm that they live their lives and make choices for God. The affirmations mean that people voluntarily surrender all parts of their life in the devotion of God lovingly.


Inclusivity – One of the key characteristics of the Church is that ordinary people play a vital part in running the Church. Local people, including the labourers and working-class, are a part of the fabric of the Church and handle various aspects such as money and community building. The worship is not always led by the ministers but also by local preachers.

Reading the Bible – One of the most essential parts of Christianity is the Bible. The holy scriptures of the Old and the New testament consist of literature on history, law, gospels, letters, stories, poetries etc. Christians read the Bible not just as a practice of their faith but also to know about directions and inspirations in life.

Larger community – The Church believes and encourages people to harbour feelings of togetherness. The Church believes a community is key to maintaining a holy life.


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